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Chalkboard Menus

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Chalk Menus - Hand Lettering

We offer custom, hand drawn chalkboards menus that are clear, easy to read and fun. We do all the layout and design of your menuboard for you. And before we begin the actual signs we get a detailed design that shows very accurately what you will see on the actual board. We make sure that your sign easily conveys your menu and information while still standing out as a unique piece of artwork. We can work in color or just white, and draw graphics or just write text. We can make the board permanent or changeable, all of which depends on what your business needs.

We know with all the costs associated with opening or running a restaurant or business, menuboard planning can be easily overlooked. We think that the menuboard needs to be given special attention and deserves as much thought as all other decisions in the layout and decor of any business. The menu is the very first thing a customer is going to look at when they walk through the door, so we say make it amazing! The chairs, flooring, lighting, etc. are all important in any restaurant design, but they are secondary to the center piece, which is the menu!

Chalkboard Menus
Hand Drawn Graphics/Text

We create up to 4 ft x 8 ft single signs, but can create sectioned menus to any size!

We Ship Anywhere

We have signs in almost half the states in the country!

Permanent, Semi-Permanent, Temporary

Smudge-proof or erasable

Who Needs a Custom Chalk Menu?

Anyone who has a restaurant, deli, coffee shop, bar, or any other food/beverage service establishment